Wake up before 7am
Studies have show that the earlier we condition ourselves to wake up the better. Early risings mentally prepare us to be proactive instead of reactive to the various situations that may arise throughout the day.
Spiritual connections deeper than oneself are important in managing stress, workloads, and life in general. Even if you aren’t the “religious” type – I encourage you to at least reflect on back on your life so that you may gain better insight and control over life.
Drink at least 8oz of water
The adult body is made up of at least 55% water – and we can lose a significant amount via respiration and perspiration during sleep so take a few swings to bring you back to equilibrium.
Quick exercise to get your blood flowing
Push ups, Jumping Jacks, Yoga, Pilates; anything you can fit into a 5-10 minute window – the key here is to gradually wake up your muscles. (Also, remember to avoid bending over for the first 30 minutes after you wake up to avoid back injury)
Keep a Daily Journal
I’ll be honest I was skeptical when I was advised to start a “diary” but in hindsight it was a life changing decision especially for those of us with a high levels of stress. Logging entries not only keeps us accountable but it can also help stimulate ideas and form action plans from those ideas.
Health is wealth. Just like any other machine we must perform routine maintenance on our bodies in order to assure durability and achieve peak performance.
Slay the Day
Honestly, this is hands down, bar none the most important advice in this blog – Speak life into your day. Even if what you speak hasn’t come to fruition yet. Get in the habit of speaking positive words over your day. You will be amazed at the power words contain!

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