I feel like 2016 was the year of the Great Millennial Awakening, I know I can speak for my circle, classmates, and few like-minded social media ‘friends’ . It was almost as if we all had a conference call and decided to begin using the resources that technological advances had afforded us to use to our advantage. Maybe I had just changed my mindset and views but it seemed as if everywhere I turned, from Facebook to personal group chats, the conversations were increasingly becoming about financial freedom, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Instead of talking about sports, or the latest love interest – we were discussing trends in the stock market, real estate rental properties, and how to grow our passions and side hustles into a formidable stream of cash flow (every Millennials inner dilemma). These conversations became infectious and could sometimes carry on for hours at any given time; the thirst for more knowledge about the endless strategies on investments opportunities and ways to become debt free caused me to expand my education mediums. I actually began frequenting libraries, forums, and podcast (my personal favorite). I was studying and researching now more diligently than I did when I attended college, in my opinion the biggest difference between now and then is those “assets” we used as examples are now real life tangible obligations therefore I can better relate and understand the impact of my decision making.

But for me it all started with a choice, that I was going to get out of debt and become financially free. The same will be said for you, it all starts with a choice, you have to make up your mind that you will be a divergent and buck the norm of toting around unnecessary debt. You will have to “trim the fat” and become more disciplined, purposeful, and accountable of the things we spend our time and money on. I will admit it will take some major adjustments but with the right amount of discipline small goals snowball into big goals. Once the debt snowball effect begins you will begin to understand the mindset it takes to become financially free.

So join me on the Millennial Money Movement as we become financially free, financially educated, philanthropic leaders. Besides we, Millennials, only have the most buying power of any generation ever to grace the United States of America so we should use that power for good and educate ourselves so we can begin to rebuild our communities, improve our education system for all, and leave the following generations a foundation for a better future for everyone. Because I don’t know about you but I’d like my retirement life to be LIT!

Preciate everyone for taking the time out of your busy day, so leave some comments and let us know some of the ways you’re striding, or crawling, towards financial freedom and what you plan to do once you become financially free!

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