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“Its not my fault but it is my problem”

Accepting the fact that it may not be your “fault” while still accepting the responsibility of providing the solution. You will gain much respect from those around you, especially if you can solve their “problems” and alleviate their pain points. Start off by accepting the small challenges and work you way up to the big “deals”.

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Practice Empathy

A little empathy goes a long way – to be accepted is an important hierarchy in Maslows’ Theory and is the basis of how we perceive/categorize certain individuals. Empathy allows us to peer into the perspective of another allowing us to better serve their needs and emotions. You will also find yourself making better, more genuine, and overall healthier connections because of this. Try to be objective next time someone presents a problem and see how the connection evolves from there.

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Choose your Battles

If being right is more important than the relationship, then you should really reevaluate your relationships. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride for the greater good of a relationship or business venture; so stop and think, “is this worth my energy or can we just agree to disagree and move forward?” Next, time you’re faced with opposition in a relationship or work project take a moment to evaluate the pros and cons of your response.

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