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Make an impact with digital tickets

Success when selling online involves much more than just creating a unique product or service. As consumers become ever more discriminating, it is important for any business to stand out from the masses.

One way to accomplish this task is to create virtual tickets. They can be used to reserve an item, to confirm a sale or to verify that a visitor will be attending an upcoming virtual event (such as a webinar).

Let's look at some of the benefits associated with this unique approach.

The power of proactive engagement

Potential customers always want to feel as if their needs are being addressed. A bespoke ticket will provide them with a sense of brick-and-mortar confirmation that simply would not be possible through more traditional means such as email.

Those who choose to distribute and sell tickets are proactively demonstrating that they take the needs of their customers seriously; an obvious advantage when we consider the amount of competition out there.

In fact, there can even be instances when using tickets directly improves conversion rates. These virtual "calling cards" illustrate the fact that the business in question is serious about its ecommerce solutions. A simple checkout process reinforces the notion that the customer will enjoy a streamlined experience.

Also remember that these very same tickets can come in handy if an issue or problem arises in the future.

Brand identity, minimal workloads and simply good business sense

There is no doubt that using tickets can play a powerful role in any marketing campaign. However, there are a number of ancillary advantages which can have just as much of an impact on the end-user experience. Some of the most profound include:

  • the ability to up-sell;
  • the ability to include vouchers and discount codes;
  • they offer a simplified overview of the purchasing process;
  • they can come equipped with all relevant terms and conditions.

Brand identity is another important point. Sites that offer ticket functionality usually provide bespoke options during the customisation process. Logos, mission statements and other materials can easily be included.

These touches help your business appear professional in the eyes of the consumer - making them more likely to return in the future. Much like a traditional business card or brochure, virtual tickets convey a sense of trust to the user; allowing you to rise above the competition.

Above all, selling online tickets makes good business sense. They offer superior levels of customer service, while simplifying both the purchase process and after-sales support. As online businesses can live or die on how they engage with their clients, the presence of digital tickets will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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