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With digital shifting what seems every 5 minutes, the strategies behind them change too. But there is one constant that remains over time and that is influence.

Brands that influence consumers are the ones that win. This is where influencing the influencers, so they will use their influence comes in. There are the definite best ways to connect, persuade and convey your message to attract the right influencer.

Who better to share how to find, work with and connect with influencers than influencers themselves. Meet your 2018 Influencer Marketing Panel now.

  • Panel moderator, Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia and Gangway Advertising
  • Leah Frazier, FashionPreneur™ of Think Three Media
  • TBA
  • TBA

Click the speaker name and title below to read a panelist’s bio and get the full panel description.


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