Personal Bio

Hello, I’m Terrell the Founder & CEO here at BDE Consulting; I’m a “Dreamer” that also happens to be a realist; so I approach most things in life with an open minded fact based process. I’ll be honest I’m not much for self flattery so I still find it awkward when I have to write “bios”. I’d  much rather display my personality in a more organic environment but anyways here we go! I graduated from Tuskegee University w/ a degree in Business Admin/Supply Chain Mgmt – experiencing what I have and knowing what I know now I clearly should have pursued psychology. I truly love empowering people; helping them overcome doubts, find success in life, excel in relationships, and accelerate their careers. While at TU I also participated in competitive sports and was a scholarship athlete in football; here I learned a lot of life lessons that could also be used in the business world. Football taught me a great deal about perseverance, preparation, and systems – each of which I apply today in my life and business practices. I also learned how to overcome obstacles while building relationships through compromise, collaboration, and a number of other skills.

Professional Bio

Upon graduation I had the pleasure of fulfilling a life long dream by accepting my first post-grad job as an Intermodal Account Executive for R+L Carriers, and moving to sunny Florida, where I helped grow the intermodal team over $200K in revenue during the quarter and also hit my first eligible bonus in 7 months.  I also immediately immersed myself in the diverse culture and melting pot that was South Florida – I experienced much personal growth and even an industry/career change during my 2 year love affair with the Sunshine. My career change came with an unfortunately but ordained relocation that landed me back in the city I grew up in, Huntsville AL, and out of the state I’d always dreamed of. Refocused and repurposed I found myself in a familiar city but a foreign industry – I quickly deemed I was behind the learning curve so I immersed myself in education of the industry as a broad, and then became more and more targeted as I gained a better understanding of it all. I found myself falling back in love with researching a plethora of topics and applications. In my new position as a BDR, business development rep, I  was responsible for growing my customers’ sales which would ultimately lead to increased branch sales. In my first 2 years I have helped grow the branch from a $6.2M branch to an $8.8M branch in a very competitive industry and market; while introducing new product categories and strategies to increase sales. Ultimately, there were a couple things that called me into action; one being the constant urging from friends that have startups with whom I’ve consulted in some capacity, but more importantly I realized the opportunity to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive by lending my experience, expertise, and passion.