3 Tips to Increasing Accountability

"Its not my fault but it is my problem" Accepting the fact that it may not be your "fault" while still accepting the responsibility of providing the solution. You will gain much respect from those around you, especially if you can solve their "problems" and alleviate their pain points. Start off by accepting the small … Continue reading 3 Tips to Increasing Accountability

Millennial Money Movement

I feel like 2016 was the year of the Great Millennial Awakening, I know I can speak for my circle, classmates, and few like-minded social media 'friends' . It was almost as if we all had a conference call and decided to begin using the resources that technological advances had afforded us to use to our advantage.

The Champions’ Morning Routine

Begin your championship journey - it starts by changing your mindset and habits...

Reflections: The Secret of Change

The power of reflection has been known to dramatically change the trajectory of lives. Do you know yourself? I mean genuinely know yourself from what drives you, to what drains you, to what songs makes you reminisce. Take a moment to reflect.

7 Tips to Improve Your Daily Process

Do you want to own your day, your week, what about your month? Successful people are always looking for an edge or leverage of some sorts on a daily basis. Continuous improvement is one of the most important factors in attaining success. These improvements are often small and come in waves so don't expect to … Continue reading 7 Tips to Improve Your Daily Process