Paychecks and Balances -(Podcast)  I began listening to Rich and Marcus on P & B in December of 2016 as I searched for more ways to delve deeper into financial freedom, budgeting, retirement and what all this meant to me as a 26 y/o (at the time) millennial. The first episode was basically a wrap up of 2016 featuring popular topics, questions, and even common insecurities that young professionals nowadays struggle with; all of which directly resonated with me, I was hooked! As I continue to listen and support P &  B today I’m constantly blessed with gold nuggets and insights from a millennial view that speaks clearly to me . Tune in!

Planet Money – (Podcast) Hands down one of the most creative podcast shows regarding money, economics, and how it affects everyday people. Planet Money does a great job of introducing you to different people from all walks of life and also gives you insight of thier life while always tying in money and economics. You definitely want to check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.

Real Life Trading  – If you are a new investor interested in learning how to trade stocks I recommend this company for several reasons: the RLT team does a great job at educating no matter the level of your prior knowledge, they are genuinely down to Earth and REAL, and most important I wasn’t ever bombarded with a bevy of sales pitches or unnecessary “guru courses” because honestly you don’t really need all of that!

His and Her – Now if I wanted to talk about #relationshipgoals I would definitely have to include Talaat and Tai in that discussion but besides the fact that they have an awesome relationship; The co-hosts’ of the podcast and website have a plethora of knowledge on how to get out of debt, avoid debt, and how to talk about debt with your spouse. They provide a great resource for an assortment of people from those of you that have a family and want to become financially free to those like me that are still out here filing SINGLE AND ZERO.

Millennial Revolution –  The authors the FIRECracker and Wanderer are two Engineers that retired at age 31 to explore the world! They created the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) site and use it to share the strategies they’ve unleashed to achieve such a feat of early retirement so swing over and check out some of their investment workshops and other offerings.

Investopedia– If you enjoy self education as much as I do then Investopedia is the ultimate resource site for you; you can search any economic or financial term known to man. They also offer free tutorials and more in depth breakdowns of terms and strategies.

Bigger Pockets– Interested in Real Estate Investing? If so look no further, BP is the best FREE (beware of the ‘gurus’ that charge you for their programs) online community of real estate investors, realtors, landlords, etc. BP features thousands of searchable forums and articles to help you with almost any problem you could be facing in the industry. They also have a pretty good podcast thats worth tuning into from time.