Essentials to Ensure an Immaculate Credit Score #MillennialMoneyMovement

Author: Farra L. Winters Secured Credit Cards #WhatAreThose Do you have bad or wavering credit? Are you trying to rebuild your credit so that you can progress towards your goals of financial stability? Secured credit cards can help you obtain the desirable credit score that you crave. Credit cards of this caliber require a down … Continue reading Essentials to Ensure an Immaculate Credit Score #MillennialMoneyMovement

Budgeting: #MillennialMoneyMovement Style

Budgeting #MillennialMoneyMovement Style

Millennial Money Movement

I feel like 2016 was the year of the Great Millennial Awakening, I know I can speak for my circle, classmates, and few like-minded social media 'friends' . It was almost as if we all had a conference call and decided to begin using the resources that technological advances had afforded us to use to our advantage.